In today’s world, digital interactions need to be lean and effective. Whether you are setting up your e-commerce business or looking to give your social media strategy an edge, we are the team to speak to. Our team has over 16-year experience in the spheres of telecommunications and digital marketing in the most competitive industries.

Our USP – we help you build real emotional bonds with your audiences through their digital experiences with you.

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Digital Strategy and Transformation Consulting

Aquitude has helped clients to adapt to a quickly changing landscape where digital technology is changing everything from the way we work to the products and services that can be delivered and how they are delivered. It’s not just about technology though, Digital Strategy and Transformation requires cultural change and training, the human element is just as important as the machines.

Digital Talent & Training

Aquitude provide a wide range of services to help you attract, retain and get the most out of your team. From training to facilitated workshops and Executive Search, our services put your people at the center of your Digital Strategy.

Our training courses can be custom designed for your specific business issues and capabilities or you can choose from a range of off the shelf courses including:

Ecommerce Consulting 

Aquitude is an independent, technology agnostic consulting firm that can help you choose the right partners to deliver Ecommerce. Our consultants have real-world experience with Ecommerce in emerging and growth markets including the Middle East and Singapore.

We know and understand the major Ecommerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Hybris and more and can provide you an unbiassed opinion of the best software for your specific needs. We also work with a variety of partners and software vendors to provide fulfillment, ERP, CRM, email, personalisation and other key Ecommerce capabilities.