Purl Influencer Panel Insights For Marketing Pros

The Purl Influencer Panel gives your competitive insight into consumer trends and attitudes through the female lens. Avoid costly marketing mistakes and faux pas by getting honest, constructive feedback from women opinion leaders around the world.

The Purl Influencer Panel is a highly qualified group of women who are leaders in their field. By surveying their opinions you can bridge the gap between non-diverse innovation environments and ensure products and services will be advocated and consumed by a segment of the market that controls 80% of purchasing decisions.

The Purl Influencer Panel will allow you to :

  • Build a more considered product or service, taking into account the requirements of women.
  • Raise awareness of your brand with an influential group of women who will spread the word.
  • Find brand advocates and ambassadors
  • Create a competitive advantage in the ‘female market’ worth over $30 trillion globally.

How to use Purl Influencer Panel to make your marketing better.

Here are some ways in which our clients have worked with our panel of opinion leaders and influencers:

  • Ask a Question – Use social tools to collect ‘instant’ responses to a particular problem or idea.
  • Gender Savvy Focus Group – Talk to a group of women who are time-poor and hard to survey through our bespoke events.
  • Gender Savvy Sampling – Get direct feedback on new products or services. Impress our members and get them to use their influence to kick-start word of mouth campaigns.
  • International perspective – Use our PowerBlitz technology to talk to women around the world and understand cultural implications that could prove costly if ignored.
  • Atttitudinal Sampling, Trend-watching and more – Monitor attitudes over time to see if your campaigns are working or give insight into consumer confidence.
  • Event Sponsorship – We host regular events for Panel Members around the world. Round – Table dinners have been held in cities around the world including London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New York, Singapore and Sydney.  Attendees appreciate the support that sponsors give and are 7 times more likely to buy a sponsors product.
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